Luigi Melluso Luigi Melluso is a Neapolitan brand that refined men’s suits, jackets and coats makes while preserving the Neapolitan tailoring art. They are located in Casalnuovo di Napoli, better known as the place where the best tailors come from.

Stile Latino Spring Summer 2022

We are ready to introduce the spring summer 2022 collection of Stile Latino! Beautiful blazers with silk (blend) fabrics and s160 suits. Furthermore, linen cashmere blend polo t-shirts and light weight 5 pocket jeans. Limited and exclusively produced for Time

Fralbo Napoli

Fralbo Napoli Fralbo Napoli represents the Neapolitan tailoring tradition by hand sewing high-end shirts. They are making premium quality shirts both by machine as well as by hand (depends on the customer’s choice). Artisanal craftsman makes their shirts in a

Ducal Firenze

Ducal Firenze We are pleased to introduce our next brand to you; Ducal Firenze. Ducal Firenze was founded in 1930 by Angiolo Manetti. Nowadays the company is run by his granddaughter, Marialisa Sani. Ducal Firenze uses the best leathers (french

Masaniello Napoli

Masaniello Napoli shirts are made in the factory of master shirtmaker Achille Mannara. Achille is since 1999 in this business and has started Masaniello Napoli to design top-notch shirts while preserving the Neapolitan craftmanship and sartorial tradition. The secret of Masaniello’s

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