Masaniello Napoli shirts are made in the factory of master shirtmaker Achille Mannara. Achille is since 1999 in this business and has started Masaniello Napoli to design top-notch shirts while preserving the Neapolitan craftmanship and sartorial tradition. The secret of Masaniello’s success lies in the art of cutting, in the accuracy of details and in the refinement of the fabrics offering a wide choice of fit, collars, cuffs and buttons. Every day master shirt makers craft by hand all the delicate steps of a sartorial shirt; top-stitched neck, top-stitched front yoke, top-stitched armhole, buttonholes, mother-of-pearl button with (fancy) stitching, top-stitched placket, gusset reinforcement on sides, reinforced plackets. In the tailoring laboraty of Achille, there are about 30 highly skilled tailors with decades of experience (each shirt maker has at least 10 years of experience). Their experience is what make them qualified to perform in every production phase, from the creation of pattern to the management of the most advanced technology machinery, from sewing to embroidery.

Masaniello Napoli handmade shirts

We have some shirts added to our collection with 170/2 cotton fabric. Our collection includes shirts with 0, 3 and 8 steps handmade. The fit is modern, similar to that of Artigiani Napoli

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