Cordone1956 Logo

Cordone1956 is a brand that has not (yet) created a name and reputation in the Netherlands. Worldwide it is now a brand that is preferred by many well-dressed men. For example, it now has more followers on social media platforms than Kiton, Luigi Borrelli, Barba Napoli etc. Cordone1956 products are made with machine or by hand. For example, shirts that we offer do all have hand finished buttonholes. The handmade version has 5 steps of handwork, including pleated sleeves. The fit of a Cordone1956 shirt is similar to the fit of a Barba Napoli shirt. The shirts do have a beautiful collar, which falls nicely under the rever of a jacket. Therefore, it is also ideally suited to wear a shirt without a tie. The Cordone1956 shirts are made of high quality fabrics, including Thomas Mason and Albini.


In addition to shirts, we also sell ties from Cordone1956. The ties are made by hand in Como in Italy. We have both in 3-fold and in 7-fold. Some of the ties are unlined. Since Luigi Cordone regularly offers new products, we also like to use that option and buy them regularly. We have ties of flannel (cotton) and silk. We also have grenadine neckties from Cordone1956.

Spring Summer

For spring summer we let produce nice blazers and linen shirts. Those will be online from March 2019.

Fall Winter

Furthermore we have several wool- suits, blazers, scarves and sweaters for fall winter. The collection suits and blazers are limited and only produced for us. You cannot find those anywhere else. Some details of these suits include flannel or s130 wool, several handmade buttonholes, Neapolitan shoulders, 2.5 button closening (single breasted) and working buttonholes. These are suits similar to those of brands like Kiton, Cesare Attolini, Luciano Barbera, Orazio Luciano, Luigi Borrelli, Donnanna Napoli and Sartoria Partenopea.