STILE LATINO S160 wool suit

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Stile Latino suit

100% S160 wool
Tailored fit
2.5 Button closening
Half lined
Patch pockets
Pant button closening
Pant pleated
Side adjusters
Sleeves unfinished (buttons included)
Color blue


Experience the softness of s160 wool with this suit. Handmade by the master tailors of Stile Latino from Casalnuovo di Napoli, also known as the heart of Neapolitan tailoring. Beautiful 2 roll 3 button closure. Patch pockets and a soft shoulder that again represent the Neapolitan characteristics. Furthermore, it has a pleat at the waist and side pullers to show some sartorial features. Made in a luxurious sea blue color. An excellent choice for business wear or for ceremonial occasions.