Barba Napoli

Barba Napoli

One can of course afford a trip to Naples to have a shirt fitted, but the size of Barba Napoli shirts is suitable for most men. A trip to Naples exclusively for fitting shirts has therefore become an unnecessary luxury. Barba Napoli was founded in 1988 by Antonio Barba and since then makes excellent quality shirts. The use of the best fabrics combined with a slim fit and Neapolitan craftmanship make the shirts of Barba Napoli unique. Shirts are made of cotton or linen, or a cotton linen blend, have handmade details and mother-of-pearl buttons. Delivery in luxury box. 

Types of shirts

Barba Napoli distinguishes three types of shirts for men, the Classic shirts, the Culto shirts and the Dandylife shirts. The Classic shirts are the most formal (Black Label), the Culto shirts are more modern, but still with a touch of formality, while the Dandylife shirts are more suitable for casual occasions. Besides those, the most exclusive type is the Gold Label, this one has the most hand work (5 steps).

Given the beautiful colors and fabrics, and above all the great demand for Barba Napoli shirts, we only offer a selected amount of shirts. Shirts with the standard collar or with button down collar. The fabrics we choose are mostly twill, oxford and poplin. Barba Napoli can be characterized as one of the most prestigious shirt makers in the RTW market. See below the button down oxford fabric light blue shirt. 

Barba Napoli button down shirt blue

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